This DIY was the BOMB!

Now that I’m three weeks into my second semester of senior year, the schoolwork is starting to pile on pretty heavy. I had planned on switching off between food and DIY projects every week but… things don’t always necessarily go as planned.

love shopping at Lush and trying out their new bath bombs. I also love to bathe, as we all should, and so you can imagine how quickly I cycle through said bath bombs. That being said, this week I tackled making homemade bath bombs! (link below) Bath bombs can be up to $9 at Lush so I thought, why not?

The Process:

I had tried making bath bombs before and failed miserably but the upside of that was that I already had a majority of the supplies I needed to make them. *begin rant* Food coloring was the only supply that I didn’t have. Attempting to find liquid food coloring was the equivalent of mission impossible. I checked at Walgreens, Target, and two Walmarts but was ultimately forced to buy the gel/icing form. If you choose to attempt this DIY, do yourself a huge favor and just order liquid food coloring off Amazon. *end rant*

Once I had all of the supplies, it was time to get started. The blog tells you to dye the salt whatever colors your heart desires. As you may have already guessed, this proved to be quite the struggle because of the gel food coloring. Regardless, I didn’t let it phase me. The rest of the process was simple: combine dry ingredients, add wet ingredients, form the bath bombs.

The Results: 

(Pinterest Bath Bomb)


(My Bath Bombs)


One of my bath bombs broke in half…


Terrible news- I was going to post a video of my bath bomb magnificently fizzing in my bathroom sink but apparently, you have to upgrade your account to post a video. Bummer.

In any case, I consider this DIY project a victory! Minus the food coloring incident and one of them breaking, these homemade bath bombs were the real deal. They smelled great, fizzed uncontrollably, turned the water orange and left my skin feeling super soft.




One thought on “This DIY was the BOMB!

  1. ellendwyer says:

    This is awesome! One thing that I love to do is take baths, so I will have to try it out especially since you have had great success. It didn’t look to hard to make either so hopefully it can be ready in time for my next bath.


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